Oriental Cockroach


The adults are about 1 1/4 inches long and shiny, blackish-brown. The wings are short in the female and absent in the male. The immatures are blackish-brown and lack wings. The egg case is about 3/8 inch long and black.


(Blatta orientalis) This cockroach primarily occurs outdoors, but will also infest basements and other cool and damp locations. It can tolerate cold temperatures and is often active in early spring.The female produces an egg case every month for about 8 months; there are about 14 eggs per egg case. The adults do not fly.


Limiting the available harborage sites and reducing the food available will help control this species. Sticky traps may help to control the individuals that forage indoors. Chemical control in the form of aerosols, dusts or baits directed at these infested sites will provide control.